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Clothing Collection

My Work

Studio Creations

Costume Design

Everything for the show. 

I love performance, especially when cared for in every detail. 

I make costumes for any performer or person with grandiose ideas.

Nothing makes me happier than dressing someone extravagantly.

Costume Consultancy

Sometimes a show calls for subtle costumes, or the budget does not allow for costumes to be custom-made. But it is still useful to have a costume curated by someone who knows what they are doing.

I am here to guide you to choose your perfect costume.

Haute Couture

Fabrics seduce me, winking at me across the marketplace, working their way into my hands. They tell me what they want to become, and then I sew obsessively until the piece becomes reality. I am a slave to the fabric's desire... the worlds happiest slave in my laboratory!


About Me

Its all about the Show. I have been a circus and theatre performer my whole life, my love of sewing comes from the same passion. I love theatricality that amplifies everyday emotions and makes life more playful.

For me, performing has always involved making my own costumes and props. I set up my studio wherever life takes me—in kitchens, caravans or backstage.

My creative process is a conversation with the materials. Fabrics seduce me and tell me how they wish to be used. Then I sew obsessively to make the ideas real.

Circus life is demanding: Clothes must be comfortable, flexible and strong, while remaining as expressive as you are. They should never hold you back. I put the same care into every piece I design. Making clothes for others is a joyful experience. People light up when they put on new clothes. They make the clothing their own while revealing themselves as someone new. Clothing, like life and love, is alchemy—and wonderful to behold.



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